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Descartes, R.
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Science Duhem I 53
Descartes: "In physics, I do not admit any principles that are not permissible in mathematics. These principles are sufficient to support all that I deduce with evidence.
Descartes: Man knows the very essence of matter, which consists in extension; he can, therefore, deduce all properties of matter from it in a logical way.
The intellect does not proceed from the knowledge of the phenomena to arrive at the knowledge of matter, but it first understands the true nature of matter, from which the explanation of the phenomena results.
I 54
Descartes: E.g. The watchmaker can make two watches, both of which display the hours equally correctly, but which consist of different gear sets. In the same way, God has been able to produce all things visible in several different ways without the human mind being able to recognize the means actually used.

Duh I
P. Duhem
Ziel und Struktur der physikalischen Theorien Hamburg 1998

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