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Duhem, Pierre
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Metaphysics I 3
Metaphysics/Duhem: E.g. Acoustic theories are explanations and therefore metaphysical ((s) since they explain or justify perceptible things with non-perceptible ones). Explanations are always metaphysical, since they have reality as their subject. Science must adhere to the results of the experiment.
Duhem: in most cases, a physical theory cannot attain such a degree of perfection that it offers a certain explanation of our sense perception. They are content to show that all our perceptions appear as if reality were such: hypothetical explanation. E.g. wave theory of light, ether.
I 6
The physical theories are subordinate to the metaphysical ones.
I 19
DuhemVsMetaphysics: remains inexplicable for its own followers, since it makes assumptions that are not given by its own system.
I 20
Duhem: metaphysics explains, physics describes.

Duh I
P. Duhem
Ziel und Struktur der physikalischen Theorien Hamburg 1998

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