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Duhem, Pierre
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Science I 294
Science/Logic/Duhem: Which logical conditions must be fulfilled in the hypothesis selection? Does the logic require that our hypothesis be, or at least be in harmony with a cosmological system? Not at all! Our physical theories do not place their pride in being explanations (metaphysical). They are not assumptions about the actual nature of material things. They have only the economic summary and classification of the experimental laws as their goal. They are independent and independent of any metaphysical system.
I 295
Does logic require that the hypotheses by induction be generalized experimental laws? No: logic cannot make impossible demands. We are therefore not reluctant to include postulates under the foundations of physics which were not supplied by the experiment.
Logic also does not dictate us to introduce our hypotheses individually and to control them individually before application. That would be absurd because of holism.
What conditions must now be fulfilled according to logic in the choice of hypotheses?
1. No self-contradictory theorem is acceptable.
2. No reciprocal contradiction.
3. The conclusions which the mathematical derivation can draw from the totality are, to represent the totality of the experimental laws with reasonable approximation.

Duh I
P. Duhem
Ziel und Struktur der physikalischen Theorien Hamburg 1998

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