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Feynman, Richard
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Ontology I 246
Ontology/Feynman: The "reality" of an object is a little bigger (roughly and intuitively spoken) than its "width" and "depth", because they depend on how we look at it.
Relativity theory: our brain has never had any experiences with speed close to c so that we could not integrate any experience, of the type that time and space are of the same kind.
It is as if we could always stand in a position and not turn in the other direction. If we could, we would see a little of the other man's time. We would "look back" a little.
Space-Time/Feynman: In a world where space and time are "mixed" (this is actually our world, seen close to speed of light), objects are more like a kind of "blob", viewed from different perspectives when we move at different speeds.
I 247
Measuring/Geometry/Feynman: there are properties which are independent of the particular type of measurement. For example, the distance between two points in a rotated coordinate system when one of the two points is in the origin.
The square of the distance is x² + y² + z².
What about space-time?
Space-Time/Geometry/Feynman: it is easy to show that there is also an invariance here:
I 248
The combination c²t² x² y² z² is the same before and after the transformation:

c²t' ² x' ² y' ² z' ² = c²t² x² y² z². ( 17.3?)

Ontology/Feynman: this quantity is something that is "real" like the distance in a sense. It is called the Def "interval" between two spacetime points.

I 448
Existence/Ontology/Feynman: if the polarization changes faster than we can measure it, we call it light. This is unpolarized, because all polarization effects are eliminated.

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