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Feynman, Richard
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Probability I 86
Def Probability//Feynman: of a particular result of an observation: our estimate of the most probable fraction of a number of repeated observations giving the particular result.
I 87
P(A) = NA/N.

(s) NA: desired N: all

Probability/Feynman: absurd: e.g. what is the probability of a ghost in this house? There is no repetition here.
N and NA are not numbers based on actual observations.
NA is our best guess of what would happen.
I.e. probability is dependent on our knowledge and common sense.
Probabilities change as our knowledge changes.

I 551
Probability/Feynman: of course, there is no probability that gas atoms will go in a certain direction, because a certain direction is too exact. Therefore, we must speak of a standard "size":
As many molecules pass through any surface as through any other surface of equal size on the sphere.

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