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Foucault, Michel
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Rules II 104ff
Rules/Discourse/Foucault: complex bundles of relationships function as rules. The information system draws the rule system that had to be applied so that a particular object is transformed, a certain new utterance emerges, a certain concept is worked out without, however, remaining in the same discourse.

Formation: a discursive formation does not play the role of a figure as the time lasts. It is not a timeless form, but a correspondence scheme between several temporal series.
The information system is not the final stage of the discourse. The analysis remains on this side of the manifest level. One remains in the dimension of discourse.

Fouc I
M. Foucault
The Order of Things: An Archaeology of Human Sciences 1994

Fouc II
Michel Foucault
Archäologie des Wissens Frankfurt/M. 1981

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