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Galilei, G.
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Method Feyerabend I 201
Galileo/Feyerabend: he has introduced refuted theories so that they support each other. He has replaced old facts with novel experience, which he invented straight away!
I 203
Method/Galileo/Theory/Science/Feyerabend: Galileo's method also works in other fields.
It can, for example, be used to exclude the existing arguments against materialism, thus burying the philosophical body-soul problem (the corresponding scientific problems, on the other hand, remain unaffected). Nevertheless, their universal applicability in the sciences is not yet an argument in their favor. There are both ethical and scientific reasons that occasionally force us to proceed quite differently.
Galileo/Feyerabend: he made progress by changing unfamiliar links between words (he introduced new terms) and between words and perceptions (he introduced new natural interpretations). He also introduced new and unusual principles: the Law of Inertia and the general principle of relativity.

Fe I
P. Feyerabend
Wider den Methodenzwang Frankfurt 1997

P. Feyerabend
Erkenntnis für freie Menschen Frankfurt 1979

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