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Acquaintance: direct handling and contact with a subject matter about which statements are to be made as a basis for knowledge. Antonym to knowledge through description.
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Hintikka, J.
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Acquaintance I 22
Description/Recognition/Identification/Individuation/Hintikka: the difference is often represented as:
A) assign a name to a face
B) assign a face to a name.
A) answer a what-question.
B) answer a where-question.
Model theory/Hintikka: the model-theoretical situation is, however, not completely reproduced with this. Therefore, "acquaintance" and "description" should only be taken with some limitations.
I 23
Acquaintance/Description/Hintikka: corresponds to
Psychology/psychological: a) semantic memory
B) episodic memory.
I 144
Acquaintance/reduction/reducibility/Russell/Hintikka: Russell only regarded the quantum of acquaintance as irreducible. This corresponds to the fact that he only regards logical names "this", etc. as real names.
I 149
Acquaintance/description/cross-world identification/cross-world identity/Hintikka:
(7) can thus be paraphrased:
(7) I know who the man is over there
(11) (Ex) Kl (the man there = x)
(12) (∃x) Kl (Sir Norman Brook = x)
The unexpected parallelism between the everyday translations for (11) and (12) shows that the uniqueness conditions mutatis mutandis work in the same way for both ways of identification (acquaintance/description).
World lines: must not change during the course.

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