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Hintikka, J.
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Model Theory I 216
Answer/Model Theory/Hintikka: before we have criteria for a complete (exhaustive) answer, we cannot understand how answers provide any information at all.
Model theory: we proceed here model-theoretically.
Definition knowledge/semantics of possible worlds/model theory/Hintikka: the set of possible worlds that are compatible with what the subject knows. E.g.
(1) b knows that p
is true iff. it is true that p in all epistemic b alternatives to w0.
A W-question like E.g.
(2) Who killed Roger Ackroyd?
((s) figure of Agatha Christie).
Is analyzed as a request for information that is present when one can say truthfully
(3) I know who killed Roger Ackroyd.
Definition Desideratum/Hintikka: is the piece of information that provides a complete answer to a question. E.g. (3) is the desideratum of (2).
I 217
(3) can be analyzed as
(4) (Ex) I know that (x killed Ackroyd)
Whereby "x" is about people.
Model Theory/Hintikka: Model theoretically, (4) means that there is an individual x, so that in any world compatible with my knowledge x killed Ackroyd. That is, the same as that I have enough information to rule out that x has not done it.

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