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Hintikka, J.
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Nobody, Some I 40
Everyone/All/Nobody/Ontology/Existence/Non-existence/Hintikka: If we allow the domain of our quantifiers to be extended to non-existent objects, the most urgent question is:
Where are these non-existent objects?
E.g. Everyone's lover - for example, nobody's lover.
Both are obviously possible. But unlike Meinong's round square.
E.g. "the envy of all" - e.g. "which is envied by everyone".
N.B.: both are incompatible. The former must love the latter, but the latter cannot be loved by the former.
Every/all/nobody/Hintikka: it is no solution to claim that "everyone" or "nobody" go only via existent things. ((s) That is, we need to allow non-existent or possible objects (possibilia) here.
Meinong/Hintikka: gained the power of his arguments from the fact that we have to allow non-existent objects here. (Also: Terence Parsons).
Non-existence/non-existent objects/localization/possible worlds/Hintikka: thesis: every non-existent object is in its own world.

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