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Utterance: oral performance of a sentence as opposed to the mere thinking or writing. See also actions, speech acts utterance conditions, assertibility conditions
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Hungerland, I. C.
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Utterances Meggle I 290
Utterances/Modification/Austin/Principle: No modification without deviation!

HungerlandVsAustin: there is another sense of "normal". E.g "I sit quite normally in the chair". Here I cannot say that I was sitting intentionally in the chair, or that I was sitting unintentionally in the chair.ยด
I 292
HungerlandVsAustin: We use modifiers when there is a reason to summon a norm, a benchmark, a scale.
For example, a clergyman who is not a clergyman because he is a swindler is not a special kind of clergyman, he is not a clergyman at all.

Grice: > Meg I
G. Meggle (Hg)
Handlung, Kommunikation, Bedeutung Frankfurt/M 1979

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