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James, W.
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Pragmatism Diaz-Bone I 68
Pragmatism/James: the term pragmatism is used for the first time by James 1898. He, however, refers to Peirce, 1878.
I 68f
Signs/Peirce/VsKant: VsConstruction of the transcendental subject: Pragmatism is the method that enables successful linguistic and intellectual communication and clear ideas. For Peirce every thought is a sign.
I 70
Pragmatism/Peirce: pragmatism is a voluntary action theory.
Definition Voluntarism: Will as the basic principle of being.
I 76
Pragmatism: pragmatism is like a corridor in the middle of many rooms, it belongs to all who use it.
Concept/Pragmatism: He considers all concepts hypotheses. Use is always a personal decision.
I 78
We do not live to think, but we think to live.
Science/James: Science, comon sense and individual consciousness have one thing in common: they should increase the human adaptability.
I 88
PragmatismVsCorrespondence theory: Conformity in James, the dichotomy true/false is softened. (> Realization,> adjustment).
I 102
VsPragmatism: that James confuses truth with certainty: it can never be ascertained whether an observation is properly translated. (> Basic problem).

James I
R. Diaz-Bone/K. Schubert
William James zur Einf├╝hrung Hamburg 1996

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