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James, W.
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Psychology Diaz-Bone I 29
JamesVsPhysiological Psychology (Lotze).
I 44
Psychology/James: "Provisional Knowledge".
I 50f
Psychology/James: James gains from the metaphysical re-interpretation of the (material) results of psychology findings on the constitution of the universe.
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Chalmers I 13
Psychology/William James/Wilhelm Wundt/Chalmers: Wilhelm Wundt and William James had in a Cartesian way developed psychological theories using introspection to explain behaviour, making phenomenology the arbiter of psychology. They thereby denied psychology as an autonomous domain.

James I
R. Diaz-Bone/K. Schubert
William James zur Einf├╝hrung Hamburg 1996

Cha I
The Conscious Mind Oxford New York 1996

Cha II
D. Chalmers
Constructing the World Oxford 2014

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