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Lacan, J.
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Psychology Pagel I 10
LacanVsI-Psychology: Vs Cognitive powers of the I.
I 13
Lacan does not write to inform, but to "evoke".
I 13
Lacan Thesis/Program:

Unmasking the imaginary structure of self-consciousness
The questioning of the "speech" of the unconscious
Questioning the subject
Revealing the eccentric sexuality of the human
Refusal of an "I-strengthening" therapy
Liberation of "true" speech in psychoanalysis.
I 14
Subject/Lacan: neither an autonomous center of his own self, nor an initiator of his relationship to the world as a result of consciousness.
I 17
Language/Lacan: is the ultimate agent.

Lacan I
Gerda Pagel
Jacques Lacan zur Einf├╝hrung Hamburg 1989

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