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Lakatos, Imre
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Method Feyerabend I 234
Method/Lakatos: Scientists often act like sleepwalkers, they think something is right, but do something quite different.
Hacking I 191
Knowledge sociology/LakatosVsKuhn: "Mobpsychology". Vs the tracing back of the history of science to sociology. This leaves no room for the sacrosanct values of truth, objectivity, rationality and reason.
HackingVsLakatos: this attitude does not contribute to what one should reasonably believe. It is exclusively turned backwards.
Hacking I 193
Popper/Lakatos. Setting up drawers must go much faster than collecting facts. ("Leibniz Whewell Popper Demand").

Laka I
I. Lakatos
The Methodology of Scientific Research Programmes: Volume 1: Philosophical Papers (Philosophical Papers (Cambridge)) Cambridge 1980

Fe I
P. Feyerabend
Wider den Methodenzwang Frankfurt 1997

P. Feyerabend
Erkenntnis für freie Menschen Frankfurt 1979

Hack I
I. Hacking
Einführung in die Philosophie der Naturwissenschaften Stuttgart 1996

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