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Leibniz, G.W.
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Logical Form Holz I 135
World/Mirror/Leibniz: he uses for this relationship the metaphor of the mirror.
Each monad is a living mirror and endowed with inner action that represents the universe according to its perspective.
Mirror/Holz: its essence is to be the appearance of a mirrored in-itself.
But it is also true that the mirrored outside of the mirror exists only "extensively" or as an aggregate of scattered parts (see Leibniz).
The unit is made by the mirror! But that is a definite and figurative unity.
In-itself and appearance always exist in the identity of the different, because in the mirror we see the thing itself,...
I 136
...unlike in a painting or a photograph.
Holz: this results in a strange reciprocal relationship between the logical and the ontological overlap of the links on their respective counterparts.
Representation/Holz: logical: the representation is logically the genre of itself and the depicted. (See "The Overarching General").
Ontological: the reverse is the represented genre of itself and representation.
Entanglement of world and substance in Leibniz.

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