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Levinas, E.
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Morals Seel III 131
Moral/ethics/Levinas: leaves moral in an unprovoked, completely asymmetric being-responsible compared to the other roots: - "The punch line of all morality is precisely in the exceeding of all respects and all identifying regards" - SeelVsLevinas: one cannot take this as a word not even with the best will - a moral that makes no more differences between stones and men, perpetrators and victims, takes each possibility away to perceive a different as needy -
Seel III 145
Definition moral/Seel: moral consideration applies to all the people as such - Definition Ethics: is based on a common history, which has created a closer social relationship -

Se I
M. Seel
Die Kunst der Entzweiung Frankfurt 1997

M. Seel
Ästhetik des Erscheinens München 2000

M. Seel
Vom Handwerk der Philosophie München 2001

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