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Lorenz, Konrad
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Space Page numbers here from the German edition: K. Lorenz, Das sogenannte Böse Wien, 1963

II 48
Territory/Space/Lorenz: Animals have not only a spatial plan but also a time plan! Domestic cats are known to be able to share the same hunting ground without ever encountering any dispute. They have a timetable.
II 49
Via the smell they recognize how old a track is.
Territory: no "property" with fixed boundaries.
Instead: The fighting readiness of the animal in question is at the center of the area the highest, that determines the situation.
II 50
The one who is closer to its home at the moment is likely to win.
II 51
Territory boundaries are not "drawn in" the soil, but may be blurred, e.g. when a defender is full and lazy.

K. Lorenz
On Aggression

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