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Thought, philosophy: a thought corresponds to a complete sentence. There is debate about whether we can attribute such thoughts to animals. See also mentalism, mental states, opacity, thinking, reality, world/thinking, propositional attitudes, propositions, intensions, objects of thought, relation theory, mentalese, computation.
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Malcolm, Norman
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Thoughts Perler/Wild I 127
Thought/thinking/animal/language//DavidsonVsMalcolm: his concept of "thought" only covers the higher level of thinking - I cover all propositional positions with that - Malcolm: E.g. the dog believes de re from the cat that she climbed the oak but not de dicto - Malcom: These belief de dicto, but not de re requires language - a) thinking (belief): the dog is aware that p - b) have thoughts: the creature is aware that it is aware that p - DavidsonVsMalcolm: even to think one must have a concept of a thought - so language is required.

Malc I
N. Malcom
Problems of Mind: Descartes to Wittgenstein (Harper Essays in Philosophy) 1971

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