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McTaggart, J.E.M.
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Four Dimensionalism Geach I 304
Time/Change/McTaggart/Geach: Time is in any case untenable as a mere fourth dimension!
For example, according to this view, the different temperatures of a fire-hook would be the same as different temperatures at different points of the time axis of the fire-hook.
McTaggart: that would no longer be a change in temperature as it would be a variation of the temperature along the length of the fire hook itself.
This also applies to other changes.
E.g. This is also the case when you look at the acceleration curve of a car and find that there is a step when putting in the third gear. This problem is thus documented and traceable again. It is no longer anecdotal but can be analyzed.
Geach: For example, the growth of a human being would be viewed as the running of a four-dimensional body along its time axis, but there cannot be change stated here.
Change/four-dimensional space-time/Geach: Change is outright abolished here. The change is reduced to a mere variation of attributes between parts of a whole.
Change/McTaggertVsFour-dimensional spacetime: no change means no time!
I 305
The speech of a time axis is inadequate under these assumptions.
This view obliges us to say that time is an illusion.
In the four-dimensional absolute reality, there is an arrangement of four-dimensional things that do not change.
In our experience there are three-dimensional bodies that are subject to change.

Gea I
P.T. Geach
Logic Matters Oxford 1972

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