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Millikan, Ruth
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Relations I 108
Definition Relation/Bradley's Paradox/Millikan: when facts consist of relations, there must again be relations connecting the objects to these relations. Regress.
Solution/Millikan: the facts (world affairs) are not decomposed into parts (or sets of objects) at all, they only have different aspects (see below: invariant and variable).
Solution/Millikan: a fact (state, world affair) is determined by a set of significant transformations. The same state can be articulated by different sets of transformations. (Depending on which icon of the same state they are relativized).
I 194
Identity/Relation/Millikan: sometimes it is asked whether identity is a relation.
Millikan: Thesis: Identity is not a relation.
Relation/Identity/Millikan: between what should it be a relation: between a thing and itself? Or a relation between expressions?
Solution/Millikan: Thesis: the "is" of identity does not map anything at all. Just as little as "and" and "or" map something.
Reference/Identity sentence/Identity statement/Identity assertion/Millikan: the "A" and the "B" of the identity sentence "A is B" have a nonreferential function. ((s) descriptive?).
Identity: not only the referents, but also the senses of the lowest types of e.g. "Cicero" and "Tullius" must be the same.
Problem: the senses can be the same without the concepts being the same.

Millk I
R. G. Millikan
Language, Thought, and Other Biological Categories: New Foundations for Realism Cambridge 1987

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