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Event: A change of state. The event itself has no duration, otherwise the beginning and the end of the event would have to have their own duration or the beginning and the end of an event in turn would be independent events. See also regress, process, flux, change, states.
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Montague, R.
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Events Lewis V 246
Definiton Event/Richard Montague/Lewis: (Montague 1969): certain properties of time - "Lewis: that means it is identified with the property to be a time when it happens - LewisVsMontague: the RT it is not always clear, what time is.
2.with Montague we first have to find the place with it the region is already given - event/Quine: (as Lewis): can be easily identified with the region - then there cannot be two events in one region - if two in the same, it is a single event - wrong: to say e.g. that a "qua conference" the other "qua battle"(if it is the same).

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