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Denotation, naming: specify a word or phrase for an object. Related terms description designation.
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Newell, A./Simon, H.
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Denotation Allen Newell/Herbert A. Simon Computerwissenschaft als empirische Forschung (1976) in Dieter Münch (Ed.) Kognitionswissenschaft Frankfurt 1992

Münch I 60
Definition label/Newell/Simon: A term is used to describe an object, if the system can affect with given expression either the object itself, or its behavior is dependent on the object - so one wins through the term access to the object - Definition interpretation/Newell/Simon: the system can interpret an expression, if the expression refers to a process and if the system can run the process at given expression.
I 64
Names/Newell/Simon: it is essential that the data are semantically inactive. At first glance there is no term of the symbol as something that signifies something - so that the machine can be operated by a description.
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