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Schlick, Moritz
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Mathematics Thiel I 40/41
Mathematics/Moritz Schlick/Thiel: Mathematics is a system of signs with exclusively syntactic relations, and accordingly the field of application is not the world of facts, but only the sign system of language. There is no point in asking questions about the application conditions of mathematics.
ThielVsSchlick: can the problem really be solved like this? The language of Schlick is not the everyday language, but already strictly regulated. Our interpretations always give the signs additional meaning.
Why are some sign systems transferable to reality, but not others?
I 42
Russell (1903), if "empirical constants" are used for variables, it must be examined each time whether the formulas are fulfilled. Mathematics would then only be transferable insofar as it is "isomorphic" (equal in structure) with the world of experience.

Schli I
M. Schlick
General Theory of Knowledge 1985

Chr. Thiel
Philosophie und Mathematik Darmstadt 1995

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