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Sterelny, K.
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Information Kim Sterelny Primatenwelten in D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg.) Der Geist der Tiere, Frankfurt 2005

Perler I 360
Definition information gradient/knowledge/Dennett: the information gradient describes groups in which the members have a very different level of knowledge.
Information/mind reader/Animal/Sterelny: there are even less refined methods of using other things than sources of information as imitation:
I 361
Stimulus increase: stimulus increase means an increased attention for the interests of others.
I 368
Definition information gradient/information permeable/Sterelny: For the organisms, environments are information translucent as far as relevant features can be depicted in complex, one - to - many ways, in a world represented by direct sensory stimuli.
Information permeability/Sterelny: not information permeable are organisms that take relevant characteristics only through one sense. E.g. Pavlovian dog: the dog does not have the ability to use the information in one channel to simultaneously control the reliability of the other channel.

Tie I
D. Perler/M. Wild (Hg)
Der Geist der Tiere Frankfurt 2005

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