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Walker, R.C.S.
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Implicature Meg I 438
Counterfactual conditional/speech act/conversational implicature/Walker: the speaker takes the trouble to express a certain counterfactual conditional and not another - hence the wrong antecedent is not idle.
Meg I 439
"Even if"/Walker: "even if p, q" - Mackie: proposes instead "And equally, p > q". - Conversational implicature: in a context where casually ~ p > q can be assumed, a statement of "And equally, p > q" should suggest that this is (~ p > q), with which "p > q" should be connected.
I 445
Conversational implicature: no matter what circumstances are present, we find: "~ (p > q)" significantly less clear than "p u ~ q".
Meg I 471
Conversational implicature/Walker: can harden into metaphors and thus make classes superfluous.
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