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Observation: detecting characteristics and behavior of objects by whatsoever contact with the object unlike conclusions from past processes or assumeded or imperceptible parts or hidden parameters. See also hidden variable, observation language, theories.
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Wheeler, J.A.
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Observation Genz II 296
Observation/Game of the 20 Questions/Wheeler/Genz: (board game): the players send one out and in his absence settle on a word to be guessed. A maximum of 20 questions may be asked to be answered with yes/no.
Analogy/Wheeler: it is also like this between observer and universe (quantum mechanics).
II 296
Game of the 20 Questions/Wheeler/Genz: thus an object can be selected from 1 048 576 objects.
For example, you ask whether the object originates from the first or second half of a list of all objects, then one halves the division, etc.

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J. A. Wheeler
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Henning Genz
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