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Benjamin, W.
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History Norbert Bolz, Willem van Reijen, Walter Benjamin Frankfurt 1991

I 15
History/Benjamin: History is interwoven with aesthetics in Benjamin.
History: There is no salvation in history, but salvation from history!
I 34
History/Benjamin: history is antithetical to the "messianic intensity of the heart", but in such a way that "a force on its way is able to convey another force in the opposite direction." Conception of a secular "restitutio in integrum" which impresses on all natural aspects the features of eternal destruction. To this "total confinement" of Benjamin's work of nature on "world politics, whose method is called nihilism."
I 38
History/Benjamin: The past is unfinished in the eyes of the political theological view. As if the contemplative itself is the subject of the past. Awakening from the capitalist dream. The political and theological categories have left the flow of history frozen. In its interior, a crystalline constellation is formed. Ever-present in history is the scandal. There is no liberation for the humiliated and the insulted, but only salvation.
I 75
History/Benjamin: "The dream we call the past things". We must awaken from it. Modernity: modernity is nothing more than the history-blind form of dream of the time.
I 77
BenjaminVsHistoricism: historicism has no concept of actuality. It tells the past and, at the same time, blocks the possibility of visualizing it as a past thing. No critical relationship to the present.
Siegfried Giedion: "historicizing mask": characterization of interiors, exhibitions and museums of the 19th century.
Question: "What is related to us"? Thus Benjamin seeks to establish a tactile relationship with the nineteenth century. Answer: "materialistic reflection on the next".
History/Alois Riegl/Bolz: What could be called "borderline case history" should become the notion of necessity not in the course of history, but at the extreme.
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