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Bubner, RĂ¼diger
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History Bubner I 7
History/Bubner Thesis: Instead of continuity: makes breaks visible.
Philosophy/History/Bubner: Thesis: one has to put aside the instilled methodological competence in favor of calling and expanding problem awareness.
I 9
"Strategic alienation".
Misunderstanding of possible adaptation to the scientific methodological ideal.
I 10
Feyerabend/Bubner: since him (as well as Popper and Kuhn), it is no longer just as legitimate to trace back the state of knowledge reached at a given moment to the past.
I 14
History/Philosophy/Interpretation/Bubner: Philosophical history proceeds differently than other history. Neither one wants to know what an author "really" meant beyond all interpretation, nor does one assume of him what he should have said "from today's point of view".
Development/History/Aristotle: already he has a principle for the development of truth through historical stages of error.
History/Philosophy/Bubner: the beginnings are due to an overweight which cannot be gained anymore by any reflection.
I 111
History/Bubner: one should not artificially enlarge existing and estimable time intervals.

Bu I
R. Bubner
Antike Themen und ihre moderne Verwandlung Frankfurt 1992

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