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Hobbes, Th.
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Natural Justice Bubner, I, 193
Natural Justice/Hobbes/Bubner: HobbesVsAristotle: modern natural justice.
"Natural state" is a fiction in which the legal foundations of the founding of the state are anchored, while the actual conclusion of treaty overcomes that state through an artificial justice institute.
The natural law of the wise pursuit of the interests of each individual, as well as the impossibility, in principle, of collective enforcement of the interests of the individual increased to the death threat, belong to the characteristics of the natural state.
Both characteristics together result in a dilemma which the collective leaves behind by the task of the rights of all individuals in the conclusion of contract.
Nature acts here as a prerequisite and stimulant of a step beyond nature with regard to securing a lasting order.
Leviathan the contractually legitimate sovereign guarantees the order. He deserves the title of the natural only because of his inevitability.
Actually, he is a machine that imitates the divine creation.
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