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Actual: in relation to the real world as opposed to a merely possible world or situation.
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Boer, Steven E.
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Actuality 12
Actuality/Boer: (= existence) against it: being unequals existence.
Note I 36
Question: Does acquaintance with the object and the property shifts one into another physical state?
A) if intentional states are locally supervening on non-intentional facts about the person, then not.
B) if they supervise globally, then yes.
> "There is".
I 14
Non-actual essences/non-updated essential properties/Boer: their possibility does not bind us to non-actual individuals whose essences they would be.
Plantinga: Thesis: the former make the latter superfluous: Boer pro: that could be.
E.g. there is no obligation on a round square, but the non-exemplifiable property of being a round square.

Boer I
Steven E. Boer
Thought-Contents: On the Ontology of Belief and the Semantics of Belief Attribution (Philosophical Studies Series) New York 2010

Boer II
Steven E. Boer
Knowing Who Cambridge 1986

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