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Frith, Chris
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Brain/Brain State I 12
Brain/Brain Research/Frith: Brain research is the examination of the structure by measuring the energy that the brain consumes.
I 59
Brain/consciousness/Frith: Brain scanners showed that an object can cause a change in brain activity without the person being aware of it. (In the Amygdala).
I 61
Thesis: "Our brain does not tell us everything it knows."
I 88
Brain/Frith: Thesis: "My brain can get along easily without me".
I 89
It can initiate actions that are not the ones that you consider appropriate.
I 90/91
Brain/Frith: our brain does not tell us when our body moves differently than we have intended. (For normal people).
I 131
Brain/World/Frith: Thesis: The brain embeds us into the world and conceals the world from us at the same time.
I 149
Building Block/Basic Building Block/Brain/Neuron/Cajal/Frith: the basic building block of the brain is the neuron, the nerve cell with all its extensions: reason: the extensions grow out of the cells and approach the extensions of other cells, but never unite with them.
I 242
Brain/Frith: the brain works like science: it designs ever better models that are tested and improved.
I 246
I/Self/Frith: Thesis: the "I" is created by my brain.
I 249
Isolation/Frith: isolation is bad for people and for brains.
I 250
Communication/Frith: in communication you should always examine two brains at the same time.
I 251
Homunculus/Frith: It is a common mistake to assume a smaller brain inside the brain.
Part/parts/brain/Frith: nevertheless the brain consists of parts, because there are actions that we can regret. (> Emotion).

Frith I
Chris Frith
Wie unser Gehirn die Welt erschafft Heidelberg 2013

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