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Freud, Siegmund
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Rationality Rorty III 63
Consciousness/Kant/Rorty: his view of consciousness makes the self into God. Consciousness splits us into two parts, a "rational", which is equal in all of us, and the empirical, contingent.
III 65
Rationality/Freud/Rorty: treats rationality as a mechanism that adapts contingencies to other contingencies.
Freud/Rorty: already Plato's state asserts that the voice of conscience is the internalized voice of parents and society.
Rorty V 67/68
Rationality/Traditional Philosophy/Tradition/Rorty: believes, indeed, in the deepest inner (also of the tormentor) there is a core of rationality, to which I can always appeal to.
Freud calls this "the pious worldview."

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