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Churchland, Patricia
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Patricia Churchland
Propositional Attitudes Cresswell II 55
Causal role/Fodor/propositional attitudes/CresswellVsFodor: Fodor is interested in the causal role that belief and wishes play in behavior. This is understood in terms of manipulating formulas in a mental code.
Patricia ChurchlandVsFodor: (1980) does not do justice to half-conscious and unconscious attitudes.
II 56
Causal role/CresswellVsFodor: what would that kind of entities be that would have to occur in a causal explanation? Example:
(3) Fodor believes that meanings are in the head.
Mentalese/CresswellVsFodor: Supposed that meanings are internal representations.
Problem: (3) can be said by different people on different occasions, but must then have the same meaning. If we do not accept this, there is no problem with propositional attitudes at all.

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