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Theory of neural networks as an explanation for mind states.:
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Churchland, Paul M.
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Connectionism Fodor IV 199
Fodor/LeporeVsConnectionism: the connectionist draws diagrams in which the labeling (designation of the nodes) say what the intentional interpretation is supposed to be.
IV 200
But no theory explains how the node comes to its designation.
Fodor/LeporeVsChurchland: Churchland makes the same mistake. This is only semantics by stipulation. It does not matter whether semantics is postulated for points or whole dimensions.
Problem: what should decide whether brown and dark blue correspond rather to regions (places) or dimensions? It does not provide any semantics at all because the brain does not represent colors as frequencies.

Churla I
Paul M. Churchland
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Patricia S. Churchland
Touching a Nerve: Our Brains, Our Brains New York 2014

J. Fodor/E. Lepore
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