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Lorenzen, Paul
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Logical Constants P. Lorenzen Ein dialogisches Konstruktivitätskriterium (1959) in Karel Berka/L. Kreiser Logik Texte Berlin, 1983

Berka I 267f
Logical Particles/Logical Constants/Dialogical Logic/Lorenzen: if a, b ... are dialogical statements (for example, proof definite), so we have to determine what the dialogue partners have to do (> action).
For example, if P asserts a u b, it is bound to assert both a and b.
All instructions are only for the proponent at first! That is, these are not real dialogues yet. Different: > Implication!

Lorn I
P. Lorenzen
Constructive Philosophy Cambridge 1987

Brk I
K. Berka/L. Kreiser
Logik Texte Berlin 1983

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