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Baudrillard, Jean
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Subjects Blask I 75
Subject/BaudrillardVsTradition: the subject has no qualities such as freedom, creativity, objectivity or knowledge.
Blask I 77
Subject/Object/Baudrillard: There is always something in the object that makes fun of the subject. Already in the origin everything is misguided. Baudrillard implies the existence of hidden forces.
Blask I 78
The Other: the last way out of the "Hell of the Same." (VsSartre).

Baud I
J. Baudrillard
Simulacra and Simulation (Body, in Theory: Histories) Ann Arbor 1994

Baud II
Jean Baudrillard
Der symbolische Tausch und der Tod Berlin 2009

Blask I
Falko Blask
Jean Baudrillard zur Einf├╝hrung Hamburg 2013

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