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Baudrillard, Jean
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Politics Blask I 11
Politics/Baudrillard: The Symbolic Exchange and Death/Baudrillard: (early work): Baudrillard advocates for the elimination of political economy by a catastrophic theory of universal subversion. The symbolic exchange obeys no equivalence principle anymore. It is not based on dialectics, but on omnipresent reversibility.
Blask I 19
Politics/Baudrillard: Baudrillard The Divine Left (1984). The left is blind to the current political situation. It does not notice the disappearance of reality and utopia.
The value-oriented left is lacking immorality.
Blask I 70
Indifference/Baudrillard: according to Baudrillard dreams, utopias and ideas have been acted up, they have already been redeemed in reality. Everything has already taken place. The avant-garde has become as meaningless as the revolution. This is the transpolitical.
Definition Transpolitical/Baudrillard: the mode of the disappearance of the political. Everything has become political, at the same time nothing is political anymore. This anomaly has no critical consequences for the system. It is a mutation figure.
Blask I 72
Abnormalities: three forms:
1. The hostage
2. The thickness
3. The Obscene
1. Hostage-taking: the only still relevant social relationship: between hostage and terrorist is ruling and being controlled. Blackmail. The principle of freedom is later based on security and ultimately on that of supersaturation. We are all hostages and blackmailers. The real problem for the terrorist is to get rid of his hostage.
Blask I 73
2. Obesity: social proliferation, randomness of bodies. Against the difference between the sexes. Archaic multiplication by division and doubling.
The commonality between the hostage and the obese is loss of the illusion.
3. The Obscene: not only the hostage and the obese are obscene, but almost all social phenomena: gambling, culture, sex, pornography and above all the social.
Permanent commitment to transparency and obscenity.
Blask I 74
Sexuality/Politics/Economics/Baudrillard: We live in a sphere of the transsexual, transeconomic, transaesthetic.

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J. Baudrillard
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Baud II
Jean Baudrillard
Der symbolische Tausch und der Tod Berlin 2009

Blask I
Falko Blask
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