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Picture: an object which is in a specified relationship to another object. The objects may originate from different areas such as experience and imagination or from similar areas (lighting and photography) or from the same domain as in the forgery. Mathematics here the required relation is defined a function.
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Barthes, Roland
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Picture (Image) Gabriele Röttger-Denker Barthes zur Einführung Hamburg 1997

I 20
E.g. Spaghetti package with Italian tricolor
Signified: is formed by the real object.
Signifier: is formed by the photographed object.
Denotation: the literal image is denoted.
Connotation: the symbolic image is connotated.
Cultural knowledge is necessary for interpretation.
I 54
Picture/Barthes: the exclamation "C'est ca!" When looking at it characterizes the approach to the dissolution of meaning and nonsense.
I 125
Picture/Barthes: (Jardin d'hiver): Barthes does not speak here of the identity of the image anymore but of the truth. Confusion of reality (ca a été) with the truth (C'est ca).

Barth I
R. Barthes
Mythologies: The Complete Edition, in a New Translation New York 2013

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