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Barthes, Roland
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Terminology Gabriele Röttger-Denker Barthes zur Einführung Hamburg 1989

I 64
Spirale/Barthes: Philippe Roger shaped the spiral as a structure-forming quantity and elemental sign in Barthes. (Barthes refers to the painter Réquichot). The hand that never leaves the paper.
I 133
Barthes: the keywords are: écriture, corps, fragment.
I 134
Belief in the work is a "trap of self-complacency" for Barthes.
Zero point of literature: style: "opération supra litteraire", identified with the body of the writer. Contrast: "langue".
"About myself": "Style": is the return to the beginning of writing at all. We only start to write when the jump is done, but to do it, we must first write. Infinity, from the infinite.

Barth I
R. Barthes
Mythologies: The Complete Edition, in a New Translation New York 2013

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