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Taureck, B. H. F.
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Protagoras I 13
Protagoras/Sophist/Taureck: (~ 485-415) Protagoras is one of the first and most important representatives. Forty years profession of the paid thinker.
I 14
He was commissioned in 444 by the democratic Athens to formulate a constitution for the stand of Thuroi in southern Italy.
In the end, like Socrates, but also Phidias and Anaxagoras, he was supposed to have been a victim of the Athenian democracy. The reason is probably his remark that he does not know anything about the existence and nature of the gods.
Supposedly he was expelled from Athens and burned his books on the market. He supposedly drowned on departure in the sea storm. Banishment is now being doubted.
Protagoras wrote books on science, gods, ambition and truth. None of these was preserved.
Z: "The human is the measure of all things".
I 15
Our main source: Plato: "Protagoras", "Theaitetos".
I 111
Protagoras/Taureck: there is no proof that Protagoras regarded humans as equal.
Already in antiquity, he was interpreted differently, either phenomenally or realistically.

Tau I
B. H.F. Taureck
Die Sophisten Hamburg 1995

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