Philosophy Lexicon of Arguments

Dualism: the idea that the entities in a considered domain cannot be unified. In philosophy e.g. spirit and matter. Monism in contrast, confirms that unity is possible and that a separateness can not be claimed. Sie also property dualism, monism.
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Chalmers, David Dualism   Chalmers, David
Feynman, Richard Dualism   Feynman, Richard
Genz, H. Dualism   Genz, H.
Heidegger, M. Dualism   Heidegger, M.
McGinn, Colin Dualism   McGinn, Colin
Pauen, Michael Dualism   Pauen, Michael
Rorty, Richard Dualism   Rorty, Richard
Ryle, Gilbert Dualism   Ryle, Gilbert
Schiffer, Stephen Dualism   Schiffer, Stephen
Searle, John R. Dualism   Searle, John R.
Vollmer, Gerhard Dualism   Vollmer, Gerhard

Ed. Martin Schulz, access date 2017-03-29