Philosophy Lexicon of Arguments

Elm/Beech example, philosophy: thought experiment of H. Putnam (Putnam, H. Reason, truth and history, Cambridge, 2008). The speaker cannot distinguish elms and beeches, but he knows that both are different trees. What is the status of his knowledge? Putnam draws the conclusion that meanings are not in the head. See also reference, knowledge, causal theory, meaning, thought experiments.
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Goodman, Nelson Elm/Beech Example   Goodman, Nelson
Millikan, Ruth Elm/Beech Example   Millikan, Ruth
Pinker, Stephen Elm/Beech Example   Pinker, Stephen
Putnam, Hilary Elm/Beech Example   Putnam, Hilary
Searle, John R. Elm/Beech Example   Searle, John R.

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