Philosophy Lexicon of Arguments

takes belief to be a relation to internal objects (entities). Virtually all authors are against the assumption of thoughts as internal objects. See also intensional objects, intensions, propositional attitudes.

Relational Theory/Bigelow/Pargetter (Science and Necessity Cambridge University Press 1990 p55) assumes universals (e.g. sets, numbers, properties) and relations between them in order to explain the problem of quantities. See also change, motion, quantities, universals, Platonism, nominalism.
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Bigelow, John Relation-Theory   Bigelow, John
Burge, Tyler Relation-Theory   Burge, Tyler
Davidson, Donald Relation-Theory   Davidson, Donald
Fodor, Jerry Relation-Theory   Fodor, Jerry
Prior, Arthur Relation-Theory   Prior, Arthur
Schiffer, Stephen Relation-Theory   Schiffer, Stephen

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