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Pangle, Thomas L.


Parfit, Derek
> Counter arguments against Parfit


Pariser, Eli

Anonymity   Data   Democracy   Discrimination   Filter Bubbles   Internet Law   Knowledge   Media   Search Engines   Terminology  

Pateman, Carole
> Counter arguments against Pateman

Citizenship   Democratic Theory   Feminism   Participation   Privacy   Public Sphere   Rousseau   Theories  

Pelluchon, Corine

Deep Ecology   Ecology   Environmental Ethics  

Persson, Torsten
> Counter arguments against Persson

Constitutional Economics   Electoral Systems   Political Institutions  

Pettit, Philip
> Counter arguments against Pettit

Civil Society   Communicative Practice   Community   Democracy   Equal Opportunities   Equality   Governance   Individuals   Interventions   Justice   Legislation   Liberalism   Liberty   Majorities   Politics   Republicanism   State (Polity)  

Philips, Anne

Democracy   Gender Identity   Privacy  


Marginal Return  

Pigou, Arthur Cecil
> Counter arguments against Pigou

Interventionism   Pigovian Tax  

> Counter arguments against Plato

Civil Disobedience   Coercion   Constitution   Doxa   Economy   Estates of the Realm   Good   Imitation   Justice   Knowledge   Laws   Morals   Nature   Philosopher King   Polis   Politics   Power   Protagoras   Relativism  



Pocock, J. G. A.

Interpretation   Republicanism   Theories  

Pogge, Thomas
> Counter arguments against Pogge

Individuals   Institutions   International Relations   Libertarianism   Rights  

Policy of Eastern Europe


Policy of Germany

End of History  

Policy of Hungary

Government Debt   Imitation   Liberalism   Newspapers  

Policy of Russia

Conservatism   Culture   Democracy   Economy   Expansionism   Human Rights   Imitation   Institutions   Misinformation   Political Elections   Post-communist Era   War  

Policy of Spain


Policy of the United States

Electoral Systems   Institutions   Minorities   Neutrality   Norms   Opposition   Political Polarization  

Political Economy

Government Debt   Rational Choice   Rationality  

Political Philosophy

Administration   Berlin, Isaiah   Citizens   Coercion   Communitarianism   Conservative Revolution   Desert   Discourse   Economic Policies   Empirical Laws   Energy Policies   Externalism   Fairness   Fiscal Policy   Fundamental Rights   Generalization   Globalization   Government Debt   Greenhouse Effect   Group Rights   Incommensurability   Internalism   Lenin   Libertarianism   Machiavelli   Maternalism   Minority Rights   Multiculturalism   Nationalism   Path Dependence   Plato   Pluralism   Political Secession   Presentism   Privacy   Purposes   Rationalism   Reflective Equilibrium   Regulatory Economics   Republic   Self-Determination   Sidgwick   Social Capital   Social Darwinism   Social Movements   Social Policy   Terminology   Universalism   Utilitarianism   War   Welfare State  

Pollner, Melvin


Popper, Karl
> Counter arguments against Popper

History   Individualism   Philosopher King   Rationality  



Porter, Michael E.

Porter Hypothesis  

Positive Political Theory

Competition   Law   Legal Doctrine  

Posner, Richard

Democracy   Economic Theories   Efficiency  

Post-communist Countries

Europe   Imitation   Tradition   Youth Culture  

> Counter arguments against Postmodernism

Facts   History   Humans   Identity   Immanence   Interpretation   Political Theory   Social Movements   Truth   World  


Gender   State (Polity)  

Power, Michael


Priest, George L.

Legal History  


Democracy   Relativism   Social Contract  

Przeworski, Adam

Minimalist Liberalism   Power  

Public Choice

Economic Cycle   Environmental Policy   Environmental Protection   Interventions   State (Polity)  

Public Choice Theory

Administrative Agencies   Arrow’s Theorem   Collective Action   Constitution   Constitutional Structures   Corruption   Decision-making Processes   Environmental Groups   Federalism   Governmental Structures   Institutions   Interest Groups   Jurisdiction   Jury Theorem   Legislation   Political Elections   Public Law   Rational Choice  

Putnam, Robert
> Counter arguments against Putnam

Community   Democratic Practice   Good Government   Social Capital  

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