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Jürgen Habermas on Capitalism - Dictionary of Arguments

IV 256
Capitalism/Habermas: the capitalist economy can no longer be understood as an institutional order like the traditional state - the medium of exchange (money) is institutionalized, while the subsystem differentiated by this medium represents a piece of norm-free sociality as a whole. Only with capitalism does an economic system emerge that handles both internal traffic between companies and exchanges with non-economic environments, private households and the state, via monetary channels.
Complementary environments are created by the conversion of the production process to wage labour and the state apparatus being fed back into production via the tax revenue of the employees. The state apparatus becomes dependent on the media-controlled subsystem economy. Political power is adapted to the structure of a control medium ((s) e.g. money), power is assimilated to money. See Communication Media/Habermas.
IV 507
Capitalism/Habermas: the systemic stubbornness of capitalism can be summed up in social theory in the formula that the functional necessities of the systemic
IV 508
integrated action areas should, if necessary, also be fulfilled at the expense of mechanisation of the lifeworld. See Capitalism/Offe.

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Jürgen Habermas
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