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Wilhelm von Humboldt on Community - Dictionary of Arguments

Rawls I 523
Community/Humboldt/Rawls: (See W. v. Humboldt, The Limits of State Action, ed. J. W. Burrow (New York, 1969), pp. 16f.)
Skills/Human/Humboldt: Every human being can only act with a special skill at any given moment, or we have to choose a form of spontaneous activity.
Rawls I 524
Each scattering on a variety of objects only weakens its energies. However, the human has the skill to co-operate harmoniously with his many skills and to let each of them become active in their own time.
Community/Humboldt: this is also the case in a social community where the skills of the individual can interact, as in a group of musicians.
Rawls: something similar can be found in Kant's "Idea for a Universal History", Kant's Political Writigns, ed. Hans Reiss (New York, 1970), pp. 42f; F. Schiller, Letters on the Aesthetic Education of Man, ed. E. M. Wilkinson and L. A. Willoughby (Oxford, 1967), esp 6th and 27th letters.

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Humboldt, W. von
Rawl I
J. Rawls
A Theory of Justice: Original Edition Oxford 2005

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