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Power: Political power is the ability to influence or control the behavior of others in the political sphere. It can be exercised through formal institutions, such as the government, or through informal means, such as persuasion or coercion. See also Coercion, Persuasion, Government, Governance, Society, Politics, Democracy, Ideology.
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Lawrence Lessig on Power - Dictionary of Arguments

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Power/regulation/law/politics/Lessig: We can have an idea of sovereign power—the power of the sovereign to regulate or control behavior—but the significance of that power gets realized in a particular context. The state’s powermay be “absolute,” but if the architecture does not support regulation, the state’s effective power is quite slight. On the other hand, the state’s power may be limited, but if the architectures of control are very efficient, this limited power can be extraordinarily extensive. To understand a
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state’s power to regulate wemust ask:How well does its infrastructure support regulation? This is the question we should ask about cyberspace, as a first step to understanding sovereignty there.What power do sovereigns have to regulate life in cyberspace? How do the modalities of regulation help or limit that power?

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