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Blogs: Blogs are online platforms where individuals or groups share information, opinions, and experiences. See also Social Media, Internet.
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Lawrence Lessig on Blogs - Dictionary of Arguments

I 85
Blogs/Bloggers/Lessig: But bloggers are still just 3 percent of Internet users; the vast majority of Internet users has no connection to any ideal of community.
I 242
“Credibility”, however, is not a quality that is legislated or coded. It comes from institutions of trust that help the reader separate reliable from unreliable sources. Flight 800 thus raises an important question: How can we reestablish credibility in this space so that it is not lost to the loons? In the first edition of this book, that question could only be answered hypothetically. But in the time since, we’ve begun to see an answer to this question emerge. And the word at the center of that answer is: Blog. At this writing, there are more than 50 million weblogs on the Internet. There’s no single way to describe what these blogs are. They differ dramatically, and probablymost of what gets written there is just crap. But it is wrong
to judge a dynamic by a snapshot. And the structure of authority that this dynamic is building is something very new. ((s) Written in 2006).

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