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Paternalism: Paternalism is the interference of the state or an individual with another person's liberty or autonomy, against their will, with the intention of promoting their own good or averting harm. See also Interventions, State, Power, Society.
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Milton Friedman on Paternalism - Dictionary of Arguments

Mause I 170
Paternalism/Market Failure/Interventionism/Milton Friedman: even among economic liberals it is indisputable that interventions are carried out or guardians are appointed in the interest of children or people with intellectual limitations. (1)
It is controversial, however, whether interventions with other persons who in certain circumstances appear to be acting irrationally are justifiable. (2)
, cf. >P. Singer.

1. Milton Friedman, Kapitalismus und Freiheit. München 2004.
2. Daniel Kahneman, Schnelles Denken, langsames Denken. München 2012.

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Econ Fried I
Milton Friedman
The role of monetary policy 1968

Mause I
Karsten Mause
Christian Müller
Klaus Schubert,
Politik und Wirtschaft: Ein integratives Kompendium Wiesbaden 2018

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